Re: [guide-user] RE: Comet Magnitude Parameters

Bill Gray Sep 27, 2013

Hi John,

On 09/24/2013 12:47 PM, varstarnights@... wrote:

> It would be useful to give (in the More Info window) the comet magnitude
> parameters used to calculate the comet magnitude as given when you right
> click a comet in Guide 9.

You have a point there... especially since those parameters can come
from any of three sources (built-in "historical" comet data for comets
before 1995; Patrick Rocher's data for most comets since then; MPC
data for the most recent comets. And possibly yet another file eventually
for SOHO comets, which are mostly not covered in any of these three.)

As Clay mentioned, the magnitude parameters are often not particularly
good. Rocher's data has the advantage of giving total _and_ nuclear
magnitude parameters, which is at least better than having no information
on such matters at all...

-- Bill