Gale crater eclipse

Luc Desamore Sep 11, 2013

Hi Bill
I noticed something a bit strange when trying to simulate the eclipse and see the penumbra. I added the 2 following lines to planet04.gaz
C154.08 +222.19 -5.37 Gale
 222.567 -4.6 Curiosity
Now if I look Mars from Phobos (geocentric 2013 aug 20 at 7:11:14)  the size of the Gale Crater seems too small. Curiosity is on the edge. It is confirmed If I check the size with a right click and drag mouse (about 100 vs 154 km)
Now if I do Ctrl-F5 0.0001 then perhaps a zoom and recenter, the measured size of the Gale crater increases (about 132km)
With Ctrl-F5 0.1 or greater, the size remains at 154 km.
From the Sun, the Earth or elsewhere the size of the crater remains about 154km.
Thank you,