[Guide user] Phobo transit in Guide

Luc Desamore Sep 4, 2013

Hi all,
Thanks to Guide, I found an error in the Nasa News concerning the Phobos transit.
The Nasa (and the whole internet) says that the transit took place on aug 17.
With Guide there is no transit seen from Curiosity at this date but there is a good candidate on aug 20 at 07:11:16 UT.
Try on Mars with the latest coordinates of Curiosity : 4°36'06" S and 137°25'48" E and compare with the Nasa picture.
Finally I found the original picture of the transit/eclipse at :
The picture was taken at 07:12:27 UT nearly the same instant found by Guide.
Congratulations to Bill and Guide.
Luc Desamore