CCD Frame style

craigballew Sep 2, 2013

Bill, In the previous post, I forgot that I had also saved a mark right after I changed the level to 90° but before I changed the CCD frame color which then changed the CCD frame thickness. After I restarted Guide 9.0, the CCD frame was back to normal after changing the  76ff0000 to 0000ff. When I loaded the mark I had set earlier it changed the CCD frame back to a thick jagged line style. Line 39 in he mark file is " 34 colors2  aaaaaa ffffff 0080ff 4a0dd6 760000ff 000000 009500 0000fc 000000 000000 "  I changed the 760000ff to 0000ff and the CCD frame is back to normal. I'm thinking that the problem occurred when I saved the mark not when I changed the color. Craig