RE: CCD frame style.

craigballew Sep 2, 2013

Bill, I changed the 1 level to 90° and then changed the CCD frame color and then my CCD frame changed style to a thick jagged line. In the startup.mar file, the colors2 line was " 34 colors2  aaaaaa ffffff 0080ff 4a0dd6 76ff0000 000000 009500 0000fc 000000 000000 "  I changed the  76ff0000  to  0000ff which fixed the CCD frame but I am unable to replicate changing the CCD frame style by changing the level angle. --- In, <pluto@...> wrote: Reinhold Wittich wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> thanks for solving my problem.
> Is it possible to change the thickness of the line?
> Regards
> Reinhold

Yes, it is... though not very straightforward. In fact, the setting you had for
line color was in the right direction. I just tried editing 'startup.mar' and resetting
the color for the CCD frame as

34 colors2 aaaaaa ffffff ffffff fcfc00 200000ff 000000 ffffff 0000fc 000000 000000

'200000ff' represents the CCD frame. The 2 represents the line width; the 0 following
it indicates a solid line style; the '0000ff' after it represents zero blue and green
components and full red intensity. So you get a solid, thick, very red line.

After doing this, you can reset the color through the CCD Frame dialog. But you're
stuck with that line thickness, at least until you edit 'startup.mar' again.

-- Bill