Re: [guide-user] Guide Mark documentation

Stephen Tonkin Aug 22, 2013

> If I counted right, we are limited to 16 marks. Is that right?

Curious. I have 33 marks (don't ask!)

Best &c,
Stephen Tonkin

On 21/08/13 20:38, Glen Deen wrote:
> Page 66 of the web version of the Guide user's manual says:
> You can save a mark by hitting "Save a Mark". You will be asked
> to
> type a mark name, which must be less than 20 letters. You can also
> delete
> an existing mark file with the "Delete Mark" option. This option
> will
> bring up a list of mark files; select one, and you'll be asked to
> confirm that you wish to delete that mark file.
> Many of the sample mark names have more than 20 characters. Do the Mark
> commands
> allow more but look at the first 19 characters only?
> I have tried to save a mark with my own long name three times, and what I
> see is
> three marks with the name "Initial Position". That was not the name I was
> trying
> to use. There were differences in the names that occurred beyond the 19-
> character limit.
> Also, when I load each of these distinct marks that Guide has named
> "Initial
> Position",
> I get the exact same configuration that I wanted to save. I had time
> differences
> in each of the configurations that I was trying to save, and what I
> got was
> the first
> configuration three times.
> Why does Guide allow duplicate marks?
> If I counted right, we are limited to 16 marks. Is that right?
> I took a screen shot of the mark table in case my description is not
> clear.
> I could
> upload it as a picture if need be.
> I'm not asking for any program changes. I just want to know the rules so I
> can get
> my desired result. If there is a 16-mark limit, I can delete enough other
> marks to
> work around the limit.
> -Glen

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