Re: [guide-user] Aperture Circle - Guide 9

Woodchuk Aug 21, 2013

Did you try to go to "chart mode" or reverse colour to see if it appears. Then you
can change colour by using the "display" button again.
Thanks to Stephen for giving the correct procedure in line 26 of the Startup mar file.

Larry Wood

On 19/08/2013 2:26 AM, Keith Pascall wrote:
> The Problem was that right clicking did not work as the circle was not
> detected.
> However your mention of the 'startup dot mar' file led me to search the
> back emails on Yahoo and one from Bill in 2004 refering to a zero sized
> circle problem their was then said to delete lines 26 ap dia... and 88
> ap rgbs... and that worked.
> Thank you for your help and for the email from Stephen Tonkin which has
> just come through.
> K