Guide Mark documentation

Glen Deen Aug 21, 2013

Page 66 of the web version of the Guide user's manual says:

You can save a mark by hitting "Save a Mark". You will be asked
type a mark name, which must be less than 20 letters. You can also
an existing mark file with the "Delete Mark" option. This option
bring up a list of mark files; select one, and you'll be asked to
confirm that you wish to delete that mark file.

Many of the sample mark names have more than 20 characters. Do the Mark
allow more but look at the first 19 characters only?

I have tried to save a mark with my own long name three times, and what I
see is
three marks with the name "Initial Position". That was not the name I was
to use. There were differences in the names that occurred beyond the 19-
character limit.

Also, when I load each of these distinct marks that Guide has named "Initial
I get the exact same configuration that I wanted to save. I had time
in each of the configurations that I was trying to save, and what I got was
the first
configuration three times.

Why does Guide allow duplicate marks?

If I counted right, we are limited to 16 marks. Is that right?

I took a screen shot of the mark table in case my description is not clear.
I could
upload it as a picture if need be.

I'm not asking for any program changes. I just want to know the rules so I
can get
my desired result. If there is a 16-mark limit, I can delete enough other
marks to
work around the limit.