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Roy Diffrient Aug 17, 2013

Thanks, Owen. Updating the Guide software seems to have done the trick --
Working now on DVD copies.


Re: Real Sky
Posted by: "Owen Brazell" owen@... obrazell
Date: Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:15 pm ((PDT))

I copied all the files from the CD’s via an XP machine onto a USB disk and
run them from there. I have not tried putting them back on a DVD (saw no
point really). It did take a very long time to copy the files but it seems
to work with a number of different programs that support RealSky including

Bill did make a fix for Guide as there was a bug so make sure you use the
latest in testing update.


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Sent: 13 August 2013 10:49 PM
Subject: [guide-user] Real Sky

Some months ago there was a brief discussion here about getting the Real Sky
CD-ROM set to work with Guide on Windows 7/8. Real Sky works fine via Guide
on Win XP, but Microsoft “improved” later Windows versions by eliminating
small disk data chunks, and as a result Win 7 does not recognize the Real
Sky CD’s. The proposed fix was to copy the CD’s onto a USB drive using an XP
machine, and transfer the files to a new disc on a Win 7 machine.
Unfortunately I found that when the files were ready to copy onto a new
disk, the total size had somehow expanded so that they no longer fit on a
CD-R (over 800 MB vs. about 650 MB capacity). I then tried copying to a DVD.
That also didn’t work, Guide 9 doesn’t produce any Real Sky images – Instead
I get a message to re-insert the Guide CD. Doing that apparently does
nothing. So, has anyone managed to get Real Sky disk images via Guide 9 on a
Win 7/8 machine, and if so, how?

Roy Diffrient

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