Re: [guide-user] Label alignment problem in TDF

Bill Gray Aug 4, 2013

Hi Jari,

On 07/25/2013 11:44 AM, jarisuomela wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> I'm trying to get the label align correctly with an ellipse (type 7) object,
> but it just doesn't work. The label moves when I change the align settings,
> but the problem is that the label is offset to the upper right by a huge
> amount to start with. Bad things ensue when my labels don't play nice.

I see what you mean. I also see a few other label alignment issues...
should be fixable. Probably not until later this week, though.

> Also, is it possible to connect coordinate points with a line in a TDF?

Yes. There are a couple of different (horribly documented, I'm afraid)
ways to do it : (about 22 KBytes)

The text at the top of 'lines.tdf' should give you the idea. You can
say "here's a dataset where each line contains _two_ RA/decs; please draw
lines or boxes connecting them." Or, you can say: "Please connect each
point to the previous point." An example of this is given for constellation

-- Bill