Strange Gemini II Behavior last night -- anyone had this problem?

Ed Wiley Aug 1, 2013

I was having a great time last night. Good alignment, targets appearing in the 15mm reticle eyepiece. Working entirely in the west on double stars. Then about 3AM I flipped to near the meridian in the east and did a sync.

When I slewed to a target nearby I noticed a curious thing -- my Dec as shown by position on the hand paddle was ticking off seconds toward the pole at a rate of 1 second/second.

Anyone know of this problem? I thought it might be a balance problem,and I was ready to turn in unless I could isolate the problem. I loosened the clutches but the scope seemed in balance. I will check this in more detail today. But if this is not the problem and someone has a solution, please let me know.

Thanks, Ed