Re: [guide-user] Request help with making a movie

Luc Desamore Jul 21, 2013

Hi Roger,

Display Inversion Menu select RA/Dec
Goto Comet Ison and select it with right mouse button and click OK
Menu Animation Animation Dialog and select stars
Choose the time needed and press play


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Subject: [guide-user] Request help with making a movie

>I am trying to make a movie showing the movement of comet Ison against the
>background stars during the coming apparition.
> I would like to show the stars still and the comet moving among them. The
> only way I know how to do this is to set the interval for Earth's
> rotational period of 23h 56m 4s (close to that, anyway). When I do that
> the comet moves too quickly through the animation.
> Is there a way to shorten the interval and not rotate the sky over the
> interval period? Perhaps there is a way to add extra frames to the
> animation between the intervals to slow it down?
> Thanks in advance.
> Roger in Jacksonville, FL
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