Re: Help guide the installation of OS 9.0 on 64bits windos 8

pastorgalactico Jul 19, 2013


Bill serious kindly tell me how to install guide9 system on a PC with windos 8.
I followed the steps I mentioned and I only have you created a folder that puts guide9 empty.
When the installation enpieza to be put? C: \ guide9?
or otherwise.
Can you tell me step by step please.
Now I'm going crazy with this.

Thank you;



Bill serias tan amable de decirme como instalar guide9 en un pc con sistema windos 8.
He seguido los pasos que me habeis indicado y solo me crea una carpeta vacia que pone guide9.
Cuando enpieza la instalacion que hay que poner ¿ C:\guide9 ?
o es de otra manera.
Me lo podrias decir paso a paso por favor.
Ya me estoy volviendo loco con esto.



--- In, Bill Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
> On 07/17/2013 04:58 PM, pastorgalactico wrote:
> > Hello;
> >
> > I want to install 9.0 on a pc guide with Operatingsystem windos 8 64-bit and no way to install it.
> > Guide9 I created a folder on my hard drive but the folder is empty.
> > Anyone can help me please.
> Um. This is quite strange...
> Best I can think of is a permissions issue. Are you running as an
> administrator when doing the install? Perhaps you don't have user
> permissions in that folder?
> The 'setup32' is really for Guide 7 and 8 users. It shouldn't
> be needed for Guide 9 (the 'setup32' on the DVD should be used.)
> A general question to the folks who pointed out that you can copy
> over a Guide install from another machine: yes, you _can_ do that.
> It can actually be very convenient, since it means you carry over all
> of your settings. However, you shouldn't _have_ to do it... did you
> copy things over to maintain settings, or did you do so because you ran
> into this same issue with being unable to install from the DVD?
> I'll be back sometime around Tuesday or Wednesday, and may be able
> to investigate further then.
> -- Bill