Re: [guide-user] Help guide the installation of OS 9.0 on 64bits windos 8

Bill Gray Jul 18, 2013

On 07/17/2013 04:58 PM, pastorgalactico wrote:
> Hello;
> I want to install 9.0 on a pc guide with Operatingsystem windos 8 64-bit and no way to install it.
> Guide9 I created a folder on my hard drive but the folder is empty.
> Anyone can help me please.

Um. This is quite strange...

Best I can think of is a permissions issue. Are you running as an
administrator when doing the install? Perhaps you don't have user
permissions in that folder?

The 'setup32' is really for Guide 7 and 8 users. It shouldn't
be needed for Guide 9 (the 'setup32' on the DVD should be used.)

A general question to the folks who pointed out that you can copy
over a Guide install from another machine: yes, you _can_ do that.
It can actually be very convenient, since it means you carry over all
of your settings. However, you shouldn't _have_ to do it... did you
copy things over to maintain settings, or did you do so because you ran
into this same issue with being unable to install from the DVD?

I'll be back sometime around Tuesday or Wednesday, and may be able
to investigate further then.

-- Bill