Display of IAU meteor shower list

Bill Gray Jul 18, 2013

Hi Bernd, all,

Looks as if the list to use is this one :


which was pointed out by you and (private e-mail) John Greaves, who also
contributed a bit to this .tdf :


Put those files in your Guide folder (should work with Guide 7, 8, or 9)
and meteor shower radiants should appear, and you should be able to right-click
on them and get 'more info' about them. If you go into Extras... Toggle
User-Added Datasets, and find "Meteor Showers (IAU)", you'll get additional
control over colors, fields of view at which they are displayed, and so on.

This is not entirely perfect; the IMO list, for example, gives dates
over which each shower is visible and some idea as to the peak rate and
the magnitudes of the meteors.

John also pointed out that radiants can be shown as an overlay (supplied
by Hartwig Luethen) indicating the drift of the radiant from night to night :


In theory, it might even be possible to plot drifting radiants in a
user-added dataset by telling Guide that these objects have "proper motion".
Admittedly, proper motion about a million times greater than stars...
in practice, it would probably be better to use something like the above

-- Bill