Re: [guide-user] Guide 9 - Representation of meteor showers

Bernd Brinkmann Jul 17, 2013

Hello Bill,

Sirko pointed me to this resource:


That's the "official" list of meteor showers of the IAU. There is also a link for
downloading this list as CSV file. When displaying this list one should consider
the shower status "s".

@ Bill: Is it possible in a future update to show only meteor showers that are
visible at the time Guide is set to (solar longitude of maximum, +- x y days)?
These last items are not included in the MDC database though. Or one can set x
and y with an Alt J command. And perhaps the actual radiant position could be
displayed (with correction for the radiant drift) and not only the static
position at the maximum of the showers.

Clear skies

> Hello Bill
> > Hi Alfredo, Bernd, all,
> >
> > Hmmm... the last version of the meteor file I have dates back to 1998.
> > Bernd, I think you're seeing 2011 Nov 30 because that's the date the file
> > was copied to your hard drive; if you look at the meteors.dat file in the
> > 'text' file of the Guide 9 DVD, it should have a file date of 1998 Sep 28.
> >
> > A bit of Web searching turned up this "current" list :
> >
> >
> >
> > However, I'm a little reluctant to use Wikipedia as a primary source.
> >
> >
> >
> > is considerably better, but not really formatted for our purposes. I'm
> > wondering if anyone has put together a more modern version of the
> 'meteors.dat'
> > file (it need not be in the identical format), and would be willing to send
> it to
> > me for posting?
> I will ask Sirko Molau, the chair of the (not only) european meteor video
> network
> (which I'm a member of) if he can provide such a list. He's doing the annual
> evaluation of all video meteors of this network, searching for new showers.

Bernd Brinkmann

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