reminder -> get_dss problem

Rolf Löhr Jul 7, 2013

Sorry guide-users, may I ask you and Bill once more ?

Hello Bill, hello guide-users,

Mr. Vesting from Astro-Shop Hamburg/Germnay told me, to contact
you and/or the dear fellows on this list because of my problem
with the


I have been using GUIDE for a long time now (since version 4).
When there came up the possibility to show dss-images by using
the CD volume I made great use of this. The same I did later by
downloading the dss-images by internet because it was the faster
way to do.

I was always using Win XP up to now.

My internet connection is via satellite and this downloads always
worked fine, BUT:

Since about one year this download does not work anymore. Clicking the
"get_dds by internet" button the get_dss.exe starts running but no
image is downloaded. I had to realise that this exe keeps running
in the background so that by shut-down of the computer I receive the
message, shut down the get_dss.exe first.

Strange is also, that since then, the same happens to me by asking
"get RealSky/DSS from CD" ???

And to make it even stranger, conecting my computer to an internet
conection not via my satellite runs in the old fashion way without
any trouble.

Thank you Bill and dear fellows for looking into my problem and please
excuse my bad English.

Keep on going strong,