Re: [guide-user] Re: Representations of heaven more attractive in guide 9. For when will that be?

Stephen Tonkin Jun 26, 2013

One further consideration:
Many of us run Guide under Linux (using WINE). I suspect (but do not
know) that increased "prettiness" might compromise that.

Best &c,
Stephen Tonkin

On 26/06/13 11:11, Arild Moland wrote:
> It you want to look at a pretty sky at your computer, there are many
> programs out there which will let you do that.
> I'm with Jari on the issue of the datedness of the GUI in general,
> however.
> It looks very old, feels very old, and can also be very confusing unless
> you're really into it and using it often.
> At the same time, I know that updating the GUI is not a trivial task at
> all. It's rather daunting. I suppose Bill is weighing the pros and cons of
> it all, but I'm under the impression that Guide is not what puts food on
> Bill's table. If it was, I suppose a visual upgrade of the product at some
> point would be a necessity to attract enough new users to give profit. It
> is not for the casual star gazer at present.
> But, this said, I'd happily trade the visuals for the unsurpassed customer
> service and the very short way from idea to implementation that this user
> group provides. We're all in the need of good charting software, and Bill
> is the buddy who gives us what we want in terms of functionality.
> More than a visual upgrade, I'd prefer better documentation of all the
> stuff you can actually do with Guide, the Alt-J stuff and so on. I often
> find myself searching for info on stuff that I know Guide can do, but that
> I cannot remember who to.
> Arild :)
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