Re: [guide-user] Re: Representations of heaven more attractive in guide 9. For when will that be?

Arild Moland Jun 26, 2013

It you want to look at a pretty sky at your computer, there are many
programs out there which will let you do that.

I'm with Jari on the issue of the datedness of the GUI in general, however.
It looks very old, feels very old, and can also be very confusing unless
you're really into it and using it often.

At the same time, I know that updating the GUI is not a trivial task at
all. It's rather daunting. I suppose Bill is weighing the pros and cons of
it all, but I'm under the impression that Guide is not what puts food on
Bill's table. If it was, I suppose a visual upgrade of the product at some
point would be a necessity to attract enough new users to give profit. It
is not for the casual star gazer at present.

But, this said, I'd happily trade the visuals for the unsurpassed customer
service and the very short way from idea to implementation that this user
group provides. We're all in the need of good charting software, and Bill
is the buddy who gives us what we want in terms of functionality.

More than a visual upgrade, I'd prefer better documentation of all the
stuff you can actually do with Guide, the Alt-J stuff and so on. I often
find myself searching for info on stuff that I know Guide can do, but that
I cannot remember who to.

Arild :)

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