Re: [guide-user] Guide 9 and RealSky

Bill Gray Jun 17, 2013

Hi Owen,

On 06/05/2013 02:22 PM, Owen Brazell wrote:
> How do you set the drive letter when you have Realsky loaded on disk? No
> matter what I seem to do it resets to e: whereas realsky is on L:. Even if I
> edit this in the panel it can't find it. Guide 8 seems to work OK with this.
> If I use AltJ and set DSS_PATH it still does not find it. I am guessing
> there is a file somewhere I need to edit.

It seemed to me you shouldn't have to edit anything, except the path
that's shown in Get_DSS. However, I tried it, and... you're right; it
was broken, quite badly.

I've just posted an update at

which fixes this problem. Please let me know if you run into trouble
with it... seems pretty good from here, though.

-- Bill