LMC OB tdf file problem fixed.

Mati Morel Jun 14, 2013

I’m indebted to John Greaves (private email) for pointing me in the right direction. One issue to be addressed, was the correct format for southern dec. limits. ie. –73 65 _not_ –65 –73.
This was the single most important breakthrough, and got on-screen displays up immediately. Fortunately it turns out that the database on my hard drive is quite sound –no changes required, other than some very tiny edits. All subsequent work has been to tweak and and finetune the .TDF file. Everything’s up and running, and I expect this resource will, in due course, be placed on the VariableStarsSouth website. That’ll be up to our webmaster.
Thanks again, John,
Mati Morel
Variable Stars South

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