Re: [guide-user] Around Saturn...

Ben Hudgens May 3, 2013


I'm using Apr 17 version of Guide 9 and I also see the same 109.7 mag
when I right click on Daphnis.

What I also noticed is in the Saturn moon listing when 'all' is turned
on is that S10-S14 and S32-S35 are not displayed in the moon
listing. This might be something Bill Gray needs to check out.

Another strange thing...Even though it is not listed , you can still
locate it by using 'GOTO' -Object Name and just type in Daphnis.

As to the mystery object, I don't see anything in that positioin when
comparing WikiSky, but there is 4UC393-059277, 13.4 mag star about 3.0'
to the sw of Hyperion.

Ben Hudgens
On 5/3/2013 7:14 AM, grantcblair wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I was viewing Saturn last night in unusually transparent and stable
> skies and having some fun identifying eight of the visible satellites,
> using Guide9.
> I noticed two anomalies:-
> 1. One of the invisble moons (S35, Daphnis) is listed as having an
> apparent magnitude of 109.7 ?
> 2. There was a "mystery object" located in an extension of the line
> from Titan through Hyperion, extended by maybe a factor of 1.3. This
> would have put it at approx RA 11:24:41 and Dec -11:33:37 at the time
> of my photos (May 3, 0350UT). Estimated magnitude was around 13-14.
> This wasn't a moon, but also didn't show up at at all in Guide (I have
> UCAC3 enabled). Are there stars as bright as this missing from UCAC3?
> Thanks for the help!
> Grant

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