Re: [guide-user] Re: Guidescope field AND main camera field - fixed relative positions

Bernd Brinkmann Apr 30, 2013

Hello Grant,

I'm pleased that I could help you. What I forgot to tell you: When you insert a
new camera, you have increase the number at the beginning of the file by 1.

@ Bill: Perhaps it is favourable to reserve an ID block of perhaps 5 or 10
numbers for such a personal use so that they aren't overwritten or used twice
during the next update of cameras.

> This is most excellent, Bernd (and Bill!). It will take a little playing with, but
> that looks to be EXACTLY what I am looking for.
> Guess it pays to read the comments at the end of the configuration files
> sometimes :)
> Thanks!
> Grant
> --- In, Bernd Brinkmann <bernd.brinkmann@...> wrote:
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> > Hello Grant,
> >
> > > Hi Bill (and anyone else who knows the answer!),
> > >
> > > I find myself in the position of having a guidescope whose orientation is fixed,
> > > relative to my main field of view. Actually, right now I'm using an 80mm APO for
> > > primary imaging and an LX200 for guiding. Yes, you read tha the right way round.
> > >
> > > My APO is fixed very rigidly to the LX200, but is pointed about a degree or so
> > > east and a little south of the main FOV. Is there a way to set up double
> > > frames/reticles in Guide such that they're of appropriate sizes and maintain a
> > > fixed relative spacing/orientation?
> > >
> > > As you may surmise, this would be primarily for figuring out which targets even
> > > HAVE appropriate guide stars for me in my current configuration....
> >
> > yes there is. You have to create your own ccd camera in the file "ccds.nam" for
> > an english language Guide. The explanation how to do this is at the end of the
> > above mentioned file.
> >
> > As a starting point copy the line with your main camera and give it a new, not
> > already uses ID number. Then you have to add the offset and size of the guider
> > chip. This will need some trial and error in your case, because you have
> > different focal lengthes for your imaging and guider telescope. The units given
> > for the offset are the width and height of the main chip.
> >
> > I hope this information is sufficient for you to start with.

Clear skies

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