Re: [guide-user] Guidescope field AND main camera field - fixed relative positions

Bernd Brinkmann Apr 30, 2013

Hello Grant,

> Hi Bill (and anyone else who knows the answer!),
> I find myself in the position of having a guidescope whose orientation is fixed,
> relative to my main field of view. Actually, right now I'm using an 80mm APO for
> primary imaging and an LX200 for guiding. Yes, you read tha the right way round.
> My APO is fixed very rigidly to the LX200, but is pointed about a degree or so
> east and a little south of the main FOV. Is there a way to set up double
> frames/reticles in Guide such that they're of appropriate sizes and maintain a
> fixed relative spacing/orientation?
> As you may surmise, this would be primarily for figuring out which targets even
> HAVE appropriate guide stars for me in my current configuration....

yes there is. You have to create your own ccd camera in the file "ccds.nam" for
an english language Guide. The explanation how to do this is at the end of the
above mentioned file.

As a starting point copy the line with your main camera and give it a new, not
already uses ID number. Then you have to add the offset and size of the guider
chip. This will need some trial and error in your case, because you have
different focal lengthes for your imaging and guider telescope. The units given
for the offset are the width and height of the main chip.

I hope this information is sufficient for you to start with.

Clear skies

Bernd Brinkmann

Sternwarte Herne, MPC code A18
Herne, Germany

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