Re: [guide-user] Update posted: other fixes

Bill Gray Apr 19, 2013

Hi Clay,

This update should be Guide 8.0 compatible. You've probably already
encountered this, but for those who haven't... please note that the
steps are slightly different for use of this update with Guide 8.0,
as described at the bottom of the update page:

...specifically the stuff under "Updating from Guide 8.0: (Guide 9.0
users should ignore the following!)".

Let me know if you run into anything, and I suggest you back things
up before doing this. I haven't done anything that would specifically
cause trouble with Guide 8.0. But as you might expect, almost all of
my testing at this point is Guide 9.0 specific. So I could have missed
a thing or two.

-- Bill

On 04/18/2013 03:45 PM, P. Clay Sherrod wrote:
> Bill....
> Is this update compatible with Guide8 or is this specific to Guide9?
> Clay