Update posted: other fixes

Bill Gray Apr 17, 2013

Hi folks,

Some other issues that were corrected in this update :

As was mentioned on this list earlier, globular clusters were being shown
incorrectly. In particular, when clicking on 'more info', you would get
all sorts of info about the wrong object! This is fixed.

Jari Suomela mentioned that when you entered a FITS time, the data could be
misinterpreted. '2013-04-10T03:14:15.9', for example, should always be
interpreted as April 10th. But if Guide's default is day/month order, it
would be interpreted as October 4. This is fixed. (If you just type in
'4 10', though, Guide will go back to using whatever order you've specified
in the Time Format dialog.)

Still no idea on the planet bitmap failure. I made some alterations that
_may_ fix things, but am not confident of this. If you're still not seeing
planet maps, I'd ask that you check the moon, Mars, and Venus to see if
_all_ maps are missing, or just some. If Venus still lacks maps (there should
be a radar one and a cloud one), then I'd ask you to visit


and click on the "click here to download the new Venus map (about 1.3 MBytes)"
link, following the directions on the page to install that map in Guide.
Then please let me know what you find; this does have me baffled, obviously!

-- Bill