Update posted

Bill Gray Apr 17, 2013

Hi folks,

As just mentioned, I've posted an update at


The main feature is that I've tried to make UCAC4 display a little
more straightforward, as it's been giving a lot of people grief (as messages
on this list have made abundantly clear). I've therefore revised the program
so that one need not actually mess about with the UCAC4_PATH line (unless
you're doing something truly unusual).

If you've copied the UCAC4 files into the \ucac4 folder of the hard drive,
Guide will simply find the UCAC4 data and display it. It looks for certain
common variations that people have been inclined to do; I tried to make it
forgiving in such matters. (*)

There will be cases where people say: "I _can't_ put the UCAC4 files in
a \ucac4 folder." In that situation, you'll have to use the UCAC4_PATH

-- Bill

(*) On the USNO disks, the star catalog data is in files z001 through
z900 in the 'u4b' folder of each DVD. Guide will look for those files
in \ucac4\u4b and \ucac4, because some people just copy the files without
retaining the DVD folders. Some people name the folder 'u4' instead of
'ucac4'. Others put the folder underneath the Guide folder, so the
data is in c:\guide9\ucac4\u4b or c:\guide9\u4... you get the idea.
Guide tries all of these. This may seem like overkill, but it should
catch most cases.