Re: [guide-user] Re: UCAC-4 Display HELP please........

Bill Gray Apr 17, 2013

Hi Arild,

> 4) I ALSO found that there already was a line in guide.dat reading
> "DLG_3025=UCAC4_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\guide9\UCAC4" (well, not sure
> if it was there before or after)
> This line is wrong, I don't know what the correct value for DLG_3025 should
> be, but if you have any trouble with UCAC4_PATH, open guide.dat (in
> Notepad++ or another decent text editor), and veryify that your
> UCAC4_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\guide9\UCAC4
> entry is on a separate line, and not messed up with other settings.

You _should_ have both lines: a UCAC4_PATH line that actually points
to the data, and a DLG_3025 line that records the last thing entered when
you hit Alt-J. Guide keeps track of the last entry for most such dialogs;
that's why if you hit, say, Settings... Enter Time and set the date/time
to be 'apr 12', the line

DLG_2180=apr 12

will be added to 'guide.dat'. And the next time you use that function,
'apr 12' will be offered as the default setting.

(I would expect you'd have no problems with the new version, because
if Guide can't find the data elsewhere, it'll eventually look in the UCAC4
folder underneath its own folder.)

-- Bill