Re: [Unsure] [guide-user] UCAC4 can't get UCAC4 information

Bill Gray Apr 17, 2013

Hi Peter,

Actually, I think you've got everything working right. Problem is
that I recycled some UCAC3 comments in the UCAC4 definition file! I've
fixed this, and have just posted an update at

About the missing APASS data: APASS data is not given for every star
(about 50 million UCAC-4 stars have APASS data, and it's a little patchy
even for them.)

You should see APASS data for stars that have it; the only thing the
above update will give you is that it'll say UCAC4 when it should, instead
of UCAC3. You'll also get definitions of terms such as APASS and the
descriptions of what the data means will be UCAC4-specific, not UCAC-3

-- Bill