UCAC4 can't get UCAC4 information

PeterN Apr 17, 2013

To follow the thread of UCAC4, I have the stars displaying. For example if I right click on a star it says 4UC303-178914 and also gives its 2MASS ID (I have that ticked in extras). Also displayed are the usual alt,az,rise,set and transit times. When I click the "more info" button I am given the following:
Overview of the UCAC-3 catalogue
and then given RA/dec mean epic 1999.16, proper motion in RA & Dec and UCAC instrumental "pseudo-R" fit model magnitudes.
I don't seem to be given and UCAC4 data (even though the star label is 4UC...) and certainly not given APASS data (which is what I am really after).
Help please.