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P. Clay Sherrod Apr 15, 2013

Hello Pierre....
You have the pathway designated incorrectly if you have the UCAC-4 data in the "E"
drive of the telescope.
You have:

but that is for the data being on the "C" drive.

For your location, your pathway must be:

Make sure that all folders, not just a select few, are loaded into a folder named

Dr. Clay
Arkansas Sky Observatories
MPC H45 - Petit Jean Mountain South
MPC H41 - Petit Jean Mountain
MPC H43 - Conway West

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From: "Pierre Laporte" <solideogloria@...>
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I follow all these instructions and I never get access to the UCAC4 data
with GUIDE 9.0.

I use the 26 Feb 2013 version.

My UCAC4 data are on external hard drive. These data have been dowloaded
and I have the following file structure :

E:\UCAC4\ z001.bin to z900.bin

u4b (empty)

u4i : id-tyc.bin ; index5.bin ;
indext.bin ; u4index.unf ; zone_stats

u4index.unf : u4index.unf

zone_stats : zone_stats

Is this structure OK to get UCAC4 read by GUIDE 9.0 ?

The UCAC-4 appears when I use Extras | Toggle users datasets...

I set it to ON

I use Alt-J with "UCAC4_PATH=c:\ucac4"

After that, I zoom to level10 and all star that I click on show the 3UCAC
data....I never get the 4UCAC data......

What is wrong in my setting ????????????

Pierre Laporte


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the procedere is explained several times here on the list.
Have a look for example on this post from Bill Gray:

The main question so far is, have you already the UCAC4 DVDs
or have you to get them yet. If so we should clear at first, if there
is anybody in the country you live in who could send you the data.

Kind regards,

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Subject: [guide-user] Re: UCAC-4 Display

I am also interested in trying this.
Is there a procedure someone could help me with ?


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"Rolf Stadelmaier" <rostm@...> wrote:

> after I've installed the UCAC-4 catalog like many others,
> all is running fine here - thanks to the efforts you made to
> realize this project.
> Now only one wish comes up: It would be nice and comfortable
> if one could toggle the numbers of UCAC-4 on/auto/off like of all
> the other Star objects in the Menu -> Display -> Star display...
> Perhaps it's already on your to-do-list?!
> Many thanks for your beneficial work,
> Rolf Stadelmaier

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