Re: [guide-user] Re: Meter USNOA2 The whole catalog in guide9.0 and running.

alfredo caronia Apr 9, 2013

Hi Bill!

Only a question:

As you said in a past email ( text of past email :

*Next problem is telling Guide where to find the data. For this,
you can hit Alt-J and add a line such as


Or you can edit the file 'guide.dat' and add the line that way*.

End of email )

I followed this procedure, as you said in a previous email, to indicate Guide
9 the path to find the catalog UCAC4, with success!

I wanted to know if I have to use the same command line "Alt J" to indicate
the path to find the USNO A2 catalog that I have ! ( Or alternatively what
should I do to* edit** the file 'guide.dat' and add the line that way*. I
do not know how! ).

In this first case ( Command " ALT J " ), if successively, I insert the command

"A2_PATH = 16.0, C: \ A2"

I am sure that I maintain valid both options to find both UCAC4 and both
USNO A2, *without losing *the display of one of the two catalogs?

And so on, if I want to add other catalogs?

Please, can you give me confirmation?

Thank you!

Alfredo Caronia

2013/4/9 Bill Gray <pluto@...>

> **
> On 04/08/2013 04:23 PM, pastorgalactico wrote:
> >
> > Hello;
> > I created a folder on my hard A2 C :/ and I put this in guide.dat
> > A2_PATH = 16.0, C: \ A2
> Hmmm... did you actually have the spaces in there? That would
> definitely cause trouble.
> A2_PATH=16.0;C:\A2
> should work.
> -- Bill

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