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Bernd Brinkmann Apr 8, 2013

Hello all,

since I have also got a copy from Oliver I want to give it to the next user who
needs it. Please answer me off-list.

Clear skies

> Hi all,
> since Oliver (osastro) has sent me the UCAC4 copy it's now on me
> to bring it over to the next one interested in owning and using them.
> So if there is an astrogeek who wants to get them, let me know.
> Kind regards,
> Rolf
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> Sent: Friday, April 05, 2013 5:45 AM
> Subject: [guide-user] UCAC4 Copy
> Hello Guide User,
> Alfrodo caronia have send me a copy from the UCAC4 catalog.
> Now I want to pass the catalog, as Bill describes it in his mail like :
> Hello all,
> It looks as if USNO is running into some problems with getting
> UCAC4 disks getting sent out. I just got a copy courtesy of Clay
> Sherrod (thanks, Clay!) and am set up to make and send copies to
> any interested citizens.
> This will be a "pass-it-along" scheme similar to what I did
> for A2.0:
> ...i.e., after you get the disks, I may ask you to pass them
> along to the next guy. So you'll get the DVDs at no cost, except
> for being asked to pass the favor along to somebody else.
> Please e-mail me privately if you're interested.
> -- Bill "
> (End of the Bill Gray email)

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