Re: Bug in Settings.../Enter time

jarisuomela Apr 7, 2013

Hi Bill,

Justy bumping-up this bug report with a request that a fix be included in the next update.

In addition, please concider a new feature. I often see interesting transients in my images that prompts me to plate solve the image and import it into Guide for a closer look. It would be great if Guide could read the date & time straight from the image. Now I have to copy-paste the information from the FITS header the hard way.

I admitt to being an impatient person.

Kind regards,

--- In, "jarisuomela" <jarisu2@...> wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> I copy-pasted the time from the header of an old FITS image of mine.
> 2009-10-01T21:41:23.8
> That would be October 1st, but Guide swaps the month and day.
> Jari