Re: [Unsure] [guide-user] Limiting Magnitude rate of change when zooming

Bill Gray Apr 5, 2013

Hi Pete,

> Anyway, I THINK that Tom's looking for what I'd like: the ability to adjust
> the automatic change in limiting magnitude. In my case I'd like to run 18th
> magnitude at zoom level 8 and perhaps 2nd magnitude (rather than 8.9 mag) at
> zoom level Z.

I should have borrowed your e-mail for my example. "Z" goes to zoom level 1
(180 degrees). So you're looking at a difference of seven levels (level 1 to
level 8) and of sixteen magnitudes (going from mag 2 to mag 18). So you would
divide 16 by 7 to get 2.28 mags per zoom level, and you'd hit Alt-J and enter


(all this, it should be noted, with the version I expect to post shortly!
As soon as I puzzle out this planet maps issue... still no luck there.)

-- Bill