Re: [Unsure] [guide-user] Info USNO - Mar 2013 - UCAC4 streak objects

Bill Gray Apr 5, 2013

Hi Alfredo,

Thanks for pointing this out to me.

Skip Gaede has already done the hard part; there's a text file on the SkyChart page
containing the IDs of all the afflicted stars. I could pretty easily write a little
program that would read his text file in and modify the "streak" stars accordingly.
(Looks as if there are now another 51210 of them, in addition to those identified
in the production of UCAC4.)

I've just e-mailed Skip Gaede and Norbert Zacharias about this. My guess is that
one or both of them may already have written the software to fix those 50210 stars
(most near the galactic center). I'd prefer not to re-invent the wheel. I've also
asked for confirmation that this is all the streaks they expect to find, at least
for a while.

But once there's a "final" list of streak stars, it'll be simple to fix them.

-- Bill