Re: [guide-user] More Info for Globulars awry

Bill Gray Apr 5, 2013

Hi Patrick,

Thank you (and thanks to everybody who chimed in on this); I was able to
replicate this bug exactly. It should, I think, affect all Guide 9 users,
and no Guide 8 users.

For Guide 9, I went with a more modern globular cluster catalog, and that's
used for display, finding, and the brief info you get when you click on a glob.
Unfortunately, Guide was using the old file for displaying "more info" about

A few objects had been removed or moved between versions. Guide would look
for and find data for object 18, for example, without realizing that object
18 used to be Pal 1, but was now NGC 1261. (The files themselves, by the way,
are Just Fine. It's the way in which Guide uses them that's messed up.)

I'll be posting an update with this fix, plus one for messed-up "more info"
for asteroids (to be discussed in a separate message), after I figure out why
some people aren't getting planet maps.

-- Bill