More Info for Globulars awry

patrick469034 Apr 4, 2013

There's something odd about the 'More Info' for globular clusters. For example, if you right click on Palomar 1 and go to 'More Info', it tells you that this is NGC 1261 at magnitude 8.28.

Palomar 3 gives NGC 2298, mag 9.20.

The tiny Eridanus globular gives NGC 1466, mag 10.66.

Palomar 12 is apparently Palomar 11, but Palomar 11 is NGC 6752.

Palomar 5 is Messier 3.

I could go on, there does appear to be some corruption of the info files for globular clusters. Anyone else seeing this? I'm running the 26 Feb 13 version.