Re: [guide-user] Guide Question

Ben Hudgens Apr 2, 2013

Tom, Here is what I do. Set your screen view size to what you want
with the ccd overlay. Then go to Display, Star Display and set star
magnitude to 20. Now when you increase the size of your field, the
star magnitude limit should decrease showing fewer stars.

Am curious, how are you able to display 20th mag. stars? UCAC4
catalog only goes to about 17th mag.


On 4/2/2013 5:39 PM, tom wrote:
> Hi,
> Normally, when I view the screen for my ccd size showing the ccd frame,
> I want to see 20th magnitude. As I zoom out there are fewer stars
> showing but presently there are still too many stars showing in the
> wider views. How do I change the rate at which the stars disappear as I
> zoom out without changing the zoomed-in values of 20th magnitude? I use
> the mouse wheel to zoom.
> Tom

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