RE: [guide-user] Unable to find objects

Anthony J. Kroes Mar 20, 2013

This might be simpler than you think - once you get the little dialog box to
pop up where you type in the designation, just type in 1656 all by itself
(no "A' or "Abell', etc) The dialog box already knows you are going to type
in an Abell number, so that's all it needs.


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Hi Larry,

thanks for the information.

I have everything set as you describe and I can find, for example, Abell
1656 by RA and DEC and it is visible as I zoom in, but Guide does not
find it when I enter it in GoTo/Object Name.

I tried A 1656, Abell 1656, Abell1656 with no luck. I get a "NOT A VALID
OBJECT" error.

If I enter A1656 (no spaces) Guide takes me to another part of the sky,
probably a star catalog designation...


On 3/19/2013 6:51 PM, Woodchuk wrote:
> Tom
> Check in your "Guide directory" for "Galaxies". See if Zwicky cluster and
> cluster files are there. If not you need to install the "Deep sky objects"
> your Guide 9 DVD.
> Then under the "display" menu make sure the "Galaxy Clusters" are turned
*on* in
> the "Data shown" window .
> Then you have to enter the correct number for each cluster that you want
to view.
> You have to set your levels at about 7 to view them.
> If you want to look at an Abell planetary nebula you have to have
> installed and then pick the correct number to ID individual PN.
> Hope this helps.
> Larry Wood
> On 19/03/2013 7:47 AM, wa1vta01452 wrote:
>> I am unable to us the Go To menu function in Guide for Zwicky and Abell
objects. Would someone know if I perhaps did not copy a folder or file from
the DVD?
>> Thanks,
>> Tom
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