Re: [guide-user] Re: Planet maps

Bill Gray Mar 18, 2013

On 03/18/2013 05:32 AM, fish_man_001 wrote:

> I do have a question about:
> "display > planets > options"
> Under "Display", I don't have a "Planets" option !
> Please can someone explain what I have done wrong ?

For the planet maps, you have to "go to" that planet (perhaps
by, say, hitting Ctrl-4 to find Mars or Ctrl-1 to find Mercury);
right-click on that planet, and then on Display. Then on "Options"
to get the list of planet bitmaps. Mars has several, including
historical maps by Antonialdi and Schiaparelli. Venus has a radar
map and a cloud map. The Moon has a couple of maps. Most planets
and moons have one or zero maps.

In general, when you right-click on almost anything in Guide
(not just planets), you'll see a Display button. This is a very
useful thing to keep in mind: no matter what you're looking at, if
you want to turn it off or change its color or the fields of view
at which it's shown, or if it's labelled, or just want to know
what it is... right-click on it, then on Display.

(Incidentally, sorry about the delay in the appearance of your
post on this list. Some years back, we had issues with spammers
posting about images of a very different sort of "heavenly bodies".
Since then, first posts to this list have been moderated. Your
future posts should go right through.)

-- Bill