Re: [guide-user] Planet maps/hotkeys

Roger Pickard Mar 17, 2013

Hi Bill,

Files attached.

I'm away now for about 3 days so nothing more from me until Wednesday
evening at the earliest - assuming you find something odd!).


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> Hi Sam (and Roger),
> $%!(*& it... I was sure that the missing DVD files would be the
> answer. Guess it's not so easy.
> First, the part I can answer: Sam, the hotkeys are in a file
> called 'hotkey.dat'. Copy that over from your previous install,
> and you'll be all set in that department.
> I will now guess that the missing planet maps are due to a
> flaw in either 'startup.mar' or 'plan_map.txt'. If you would
> both e-mail both files to me, I'll puzzle through them and see
> what I can figure out. It may help that I'll have two sets of
> "problem" files; it may cause me to see a common factor.
> Sam, have you tried (on your new installation) the updated
> software on the page?
> I'm wondering if this is an "update" problem, or "baked into
> the DVD" problem. (Though Roger mentions seeing the same issue
> in Guide 8; it sounds as if it's a long-standing problem.)
> Thanks!
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; Anything starting with ; is a comment
d7d1c0c5 Sunspots

309390f8 J Warell albedo map
ee3b180a J Warell albedo map
eb057d23 Mariner 10 map
4bcab920 New Mariner 10 map
; Several versions of the Mercury map were made after the various
; MESSENGER flybys:
100c93f1 MESSENGER/Mariner/radar
2a7adca6 MESSENGER/Mariner/radar
85e07a3d MESSENGER/Mariner/radar
; effb670a MESSENGER + Mariner -- obsoleted, never released
; bccaf921 Obsoleted MESSENGER map

00bc4cb8 Cloud cover
2fdcba6b Radar image

b8dd1959 ALPO 2007-8 map
c1d7368 ALPO 2007-8 map
7f574650 ALPO 2007-8 map
154f0593 ALPO 1995 albedo map
c3a17acc ALPO 1997 albedo map
4d2384a8 Viking image
deec52bd Antonialdi map
c4e82fac Antonialdi map
59e9e856 Schiaparelli map
8dc7d0b Mars Orbiter map
f5199032 Mars Orbiter map

17c8ad5f Shaded relief
922014e7 Shaded relief
5f8597ef Pseudocolor topography
448ab79c Clementine image
e8392eb6 Pseudocolor gravity

839fc173 Voyager map
b55940f5 HST map
9d481ea6 Cassini image
e9a9da76 Cassini image

ef04ad6c Cloudless
969d9949 Oceanless
3525e65e Cloudy
65328952 Cloudless

ffffe00d Hubble image
ffffe00d Artistic
ffffe00d Occultation img
30b59104 Fictional details

ed09c1b4 Foot (soccer) ball

; 77fb3997 = Mimas map from Steve Albers

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