Re: [guide-user] Planet maps/hotkeys

feliks314159 Mar 17, 2013

Hi Sam (and Roger),

$%!(*& it... I was sure that the missing DVD files would be the
answer. Guess it's not so easy.

First, the part I can answer: Sam, the hotkeys are in a file
called 'hotkey.dat'. Copy that over from your previous install,
and you'll be all set in that department.

I will now guess that the missing planet maps are due to a
flaw in either 'startup.mar' or 'plan_map.txt'. If you would
both e-mail both files to me, I'll puzzle through them and see
what I can figure out. It may help that I'll have two sets of
"problem" files; it may cause me to see a common factor.

Sam, have you tried (on your new installation) the updated
software on the page?
I'm wondering if this is an "update" problem, or "baked into
the DVD" problem. (Though Roger mentions seeing the same issue
in Guide 8; it sounds as if it's a long-standing problem.)