Re: [Unsure] [guide-user] PANSTARRS (C/2011 L4)

Bob B Mar 9, 2013

i have the same result

--- In, Bill Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Um. This is very weird. Just to confirm: C/2011 L4 is being
> listed as an _asteroid_? Are the designations shown identical?
> I'd recommend going to Extras... Asteroid/Comet Options, then
> on "Add MPC Comets/Asteroids", then on "click to download updated
> comet data."
> I'd also check Help... About Guide and confirm that the version
> date really is from 2013 (i.e., that the update was successful).
> Prior to that, some peculiar things could happen due to Guide
> attempting to mix and match MPC databases. But with any version
> from this year, there should be no issue.
> Also: in the Asteroid/Comet Options dialog, click on "Edit
> Comet/Asteroid Data". It should show only (new asteroid) and (new
> comet).
> You mention that only the comet version appears. In "data shown",
> do you have asteroids turned On?
> -- Bill