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alfredo caronia Mar 1, 2013

Hi Ned!

Just a reminder for utility

I think help you this emai( test for verify ):

" from BIll Gray - emai 5 Feb 2013:

Bill Gray tramite<>
5 feb 2013


Hi folks,

OK, I have a test case and have confirmed that the code
works correctly. You can get it at (about 132 KBytes) (about 238 Kbytes)

...Windows executable and C source code, respectively.
Run 'modifs' in the folder containing your UCAC4 data, and
it should run briefly and tell you that several thousand
fixes were made, with 0 having been already made. (Run it
again, and it'll tell you that zero fixes were made, with
thousands having already been done.)

The test case I suggest (which I got from looking at the
code, then confirming with SIMBAD) is 4UC449-064138 =
LHS 6316. You will find this star near RA 16 56 30,
dec -00 22 40. With an "unfixed" UCAC4, the proper motion
in RA will be 147.9 milliarcsec/year; that in dec will be
425.0 mas/year.

After fixing UCAC4, those values should become -209.0
and -398.5, respectively (matching what SIMBAD has to say).

-- Bill "

*End of Bill Gray email*


Alfredo Caronia

2013/3/1 Ned Smith <smithn00@...>

> **
> I got my disk last week. How can I tell if the proper motion corrections
> have already been applied?
> Ned Smith
> N 34,53,38.13
> W 85,28,17.10
> Near Chattanooga, TN

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