Re: [guide-user] Right Version

Bill Gray Feb 27, 2013

Hi Ned,

I think the problem (well, at least _a_ problem) is here:

> Editing Guide.dat with Notepad shows one long line. I added the path statement at the end of the line.

It should _not_ be one long line. Which caused me to realize that 'guide.dat'
is being written out with lines terminated with a line feed, not carriage-return

I hadn't noticed this, and you'd not notice it in almost any other text
editor. Notepad, however, retains an (expletive deleted) inability to recognize
that text files come with different line terminator styles.

Try a different editor (Wordpad, or almost anything... even ancient DOS Edit
will work correctly; Notepad really is an outlier in this department.)

-- Bill