Re: [guide-user] Right Version

Ned Smith Feb 26, 2013

I did see overwrite messages. Where do I see version date Feb 26, 2013?
ucac-4 is in the users database and turned on with limits of 0 - 5. UCAC2 and UCAC3 are turned off. When I right click on appropriate stars I get 3uc.
Editing Guide.dat with Notepad shows one long line. I added the path statement at the end of the line.

On Feb 26, 2013, at 4:30 PM, Bill Gray wrote:

> Hi Ned,
> You should be able to go to
> and download the version provided there. When you unZIP it, it should mention that you
> are overwriting files. (If you don't see that warning, then you're probably extracting
> the files into the wrong folder.) You should then see a version date of today, 2013 Feb 26.
> -- Bill

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