Slightly revised update posted

Bill Gray Feb 26, 2013

Hello all,

I've posted a revised update at

This includes two fixes, both involving artificial satellites.

As Jari Suomela noted, in certain situations, you could get lists of
satellite passes with an extra column of digits inserted. This is fixed.

Also, Kevin Fetter alerted me (off-list) to the fact that the folks at
Space-Track revised their TLEs a bit. The object name is now stored as a
"line zero". So Guide would show, say, 'ISS' as '0 ISS'. (Though this
would be inconsistent, because Guide sometimes gets names from the QuickSat
magnitude file.) This problem is also fixed.

Please let me know if you see issues. Fixing that extra column of
digits wasn't a big deal. Correcting the spurious zeroes inserted by
Space-Track _was_ a bigger deal than I expected, simply because of all
the places where Guide expected to get name data (or name data with size
and magnitude information supplied on the same line). I think I've tested
all possible side effects of this change. But it often turns out that there
are one or two side effects I didn't think about.

-- Bill