Re: JPL and INPOP ephemerides

darioanderle Feb 21, 2013

Hi Bill,
with the data file INPOP10e

I have set the file name on guide.dat, the output is with:

DE422 / DE406 ecc = all OK
with any INPOP10x = NO (planet position : standard guide data)

Ia a header problem?

--- Dario

--- In, Bill J Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
> Hi Dario,
> > 1) Guide can manage the latest jpl ephemerides DE422 for the planets position.
> > The moon librations and nutation data are also calculated?
> They are, but not using JPL ephemerides. Nutations are computed using the IAU series.
> The moon's orientation is computed using the COSPAR model for the moon's orientation.
> > 2) Could be possible to add the possibility for manage the binary data files
> > compatible with the JPL DExxx ephemeris file format - INPOP10b?
> > You can find the data in:
> Guide will do this. You can set it to use INPOP ephemerides in the same manner
> as setting it to use any JPL ephemeris file, as described at
> One does have to use the "binary files compatible with the JPL DExxx ephemeris
> file format"; Guide doesn't use the raw INPOP files.
> (Note that if you're still running Guide 8, you will need current software to
> make use of INPOP. INPOP ephemerides are _almost_ in the same format as JPL ones.
> But they are aligned to noon rather than midnight. That required a small change,
> made in March 2011.)
> > 3) Could be possible to solve the compatibility for all the future upgrades using
> > the header and constant values written at the beginning of the DExxx/INPOP binary files?
> Already done. None of the DE versions has required changes to Guide. INPOP
> wouldn't have, either, except that it hadn't occurred to me that there might be
> ephemerides aligned to noon.
> -- Bill