Re: [guide-user] ccd frame camera list

P. Clay Sherrod Feb 20, 2013

Hi, not showing at all, any of these cameras. Note that I am using
the May 12 2012 Guide revision and I am still using Guide8 with all the Guide9
Could that be the problem?

Does this new file need to go INSIDE another folder inside of the Guide folder?

Dr. P. Clay Sherrod
Arkansas Sky Observatories
MPC H45 - Petit Jean Mountain South
MPC H41 - Petit Jean Mountain
MPC H43 - Conway West

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> Hi Clay,
> You _should_ be able to go into the CCD Frame dialog and, amidst the
> list of SBIG cameras, see the SBIG ST-4000, STX-16803, STT-8300, and
> ST-i Planet Cam. Those are the only new cameras. (At least, thus far.)
> -- Bill
> On 02/20/2013 06:35 PM, P. Clay Sherrod wrote:
>> Hi Bill...just added this file to my Guide folder and nothing changes on the
>> selection; it still does not include all of the SBIG latest cameras.
>> Do we need to "do something" with this ".nam" file to make it work?
>> Clay